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We might not realize it, but each time we compulsively check our phones, we’re programming ourselves to develop a technology addiction, one that can start our innocent and derail our life in the long run. Let’s get rid of this! AtomicIdeas Newsletter

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The Reason To Break Up

Even if we are fully aware of the risks associated with certain tech habits, what harm might come from simply checking our phones?

People check their phones at least 47 times every day on average.

More than 80% of Americans check their phones within 30 minutes of waking up, and many do so in the middle of the night. Americans spend more than 4 hours every day on their phones.

Your Phone Can Lead To Deep TroubleFree book, podcast summaries

Many studies link excessive smartphone use to detrimental outcomes such neuroticism, low self-esteem, depression, impulsivity, self-identity, empathy, and sleep issues.

We have access to the entire internet thanks to smartphones. Yet unlike earlier technology, we always have them with us.

In addition to having neurological impacts, smartphones and other digital goods are purposefully made to cause them.

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