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Biases distort our cognitive system and prevent us from making rational decisions. The myth that we are reasonable creatures stems from the incorrect assumption that our brains are, by default, instruments of logic. Through analyzing the most common cognitive fallacies, we’re taken on a journey through the mechanics of the mind toward the root of our irrationality, which is due to motives shaping our judgment. AtomicIdeas Newsletter

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Rationality: What Sets Humans Apart From Other Species

● Rationality can be used as a tool to accomplish a task.

● Rationality aids in the decision-making process.

● Ignorance and constraint are both viable alternatives.

● Science is the practical application of logic in the real world.Free book, podcast summaries

● We become less partial — and more sensible – as a result of institutions.

● People are punished for their own good, which leads to a more rational common.

● Because it is rational, our most important moral principle is powerful.

Rationality: A Tool for Achieving a Goal

Dictionary definitions of rational state that it means “having a rationale.” The Roman word ratio, which meaning “reason,” is where the word “reason” originates.

Philosophers define rationality as the capacity to use information to accomplish goals.

Yet being logical requires more than merely accepting true statements like “1 + 1 = 2.” That also makes our tasks easier.

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