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Free Audiobook summary of the book The Gap and The Gain by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy.

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Embrace the Freedom of Wants and Desires: Understanding The Gap

The GAP is founded on an unhealthy “need” or attachment to something other than yourself. You’re trying to break free from something, and you won’t be happy until you do.

When you’re in the GAP, you’re avoiding “here” while attempting to get “there”—but you never get “there.”

Understanding The Gain

The GAIN is based on being in tune with what you want while also understanding that you don’t need it. When you’re in the GAIN, you live your life on the basis of intrinsic motivation and harmonious passion, which leads to flow and high performance.Free book, podcast summaries

Ask Yourself: What You Love

● Is there anything in your life that you are obsessed with? If so, what unmet internal need are you attempting to address?

● What aspects of your life and work do you enjoy?

● What is your long-term strategy? You’re doing what you love when you’re playing the long game. You are not acting in order to get somewhere else.

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