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Setting new goals is easy, but finishing them is hard. In this blockbuster bestseller, the author shares his plans to help you actually achieve your goals. AtomicIdeas Newsletter

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Perfectionism Kills

Starting is difficult, but it is easier than finishing. You may have a number of half-finished projects and other unfinished business. Many people make New Year’s resolutions, but according to research, 92% of these resolutions fail.

People became more productive when they stopped striving for perfection. Perfectionism kills momentum and prevents people from achieving their objectives.

The Day After Perfect

Perfectionism will do its best to knock you down when you work on a goal.Free book, podcast summaries

Excuses are a cover for perfectionism. Because you weren’t perfect, you gave up. You’re not by yourself.

Everyone wants to get all A’s. Nobody aspires to Bs and Cs. However, getting straight As is difficult and intimidating. That is why many people don’t even try.

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