The Really Good Idea Test – Julia Shalet Book Summary

The Really Good Idea Test – Julia Shalet | Free Book Summary

The Really Good Idea Test – Julia Shalet

The ultimate goal of The Really Good Idea Test is to enable individuals and businesses to make evidence-based decisions.

The Really Good Idea Test

The Really Good Idea Test consists of 7 practical steps:

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  1. Write hypothesis
  2. Identify risks
  3. Create questions
  4. Find interviewees
  5. Measures & targets
  6. Conduct interviews
  7. Analyse and decide

Writing A Hypothesis

The four main components of writing your idea hypothesis(Step 1):

  • Goal – What are you trying to achieve overall? 
  • The idea – A short idea of what it is you want to create (if you know).
  • The people who will benefit – Reference who has the problem, need or desire that you want to solve or meet.
  • The action – What you need these people to do so you can realise your goal.


The Next Steps:Free book, podcast summaries

  • Step Two: Identify the risks in the idea by brainstorming.
  • Step Three: Create and list down the questions that pop up regarding the idea.
  • Step Four: Find Interviewees.

The Crucial Step: Measures And Targets

In Step Five of The Really Good Idea Test: Measures and Targets, you need to ask yourself the following before conducting any interviews:

  • Does the problem, need, or desire exist?
  • Are the existing solutions good enough to solve the interviewee’s problem or meet their needs or desires?
  • Are the interviewees prepared to take the necessary actions to get another solution?

The Final Steps

Step Six is to conduct the interviews to test your hypothesis, after which you can analyse the insights from your test, share the results and make a decision about whether to pursue your idea or not.

The final step is, of course, your decision to pursue the idea or reject it.

This test is beneficial for anyone who wants to pursue a new idea.

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