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Changing our habits and behaviour using awareness. “Triggers” is representative of the relative nature of things that can drive your life back and forward. AtomicIdeas Newsletter

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Triggers: An Overview

Triggers are stimuli that cause a behavioural response. They can take the form of beliefs, behaviours, or environments. Identifying triggers is beneficial in all interpersonal relationships and will aid in your success at work and at home.

To change your behaviour for the better, you must want to change and be willing to accept personal responsibility.

Be A Wolf!

Despite having a good life, full of opportunities, a negative environment can impose depressive behaviour. Even in these circumstances, they can have a positive impact if the person is willing to look beyond the difficulties.Free book, podcast summaries

Pain is frequently self-inflicted. Don’t be a victim of your insecurity; instead, be a wolf!

We Have A Choice

Triggers appear to be relentless and omnipresent—a cake that makes us forget the sugar content warnings, a song that takes our attention away from a conversation.

All of these affect our behaviour in less than a second.

The good news is that we have a choice. We have command over them.

A trigger is only a problem if your reaction to it is problematic.

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