Untamed – Glennon Doyle Book Summary

Untamed – Glennon Doyle | Free Book Summary

Untamed – Glennon Doyle

In her book, Untamed, Glennon Doyle explores the idea of liberation from society’s expectations and encourages readers to embrace their true selves. Through her own experiences and stories from others, she shows us how to find our voice, take control of our lives and prioritize what matters.

Embrace Your True Self

It is important to recognize that we are all unique and to let go of the expectations of what society expects us to be.

By embracing our true selves, we can trust our instincts and let go of the fear of judgement. AtomicIdeas Newsletter

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This allows us to be more open and honest with ourselves and others and to be more authentic in our relationships.

Choose Love Over Fear

We must choose love over fear when making decisions in life.

Instead of staying in our comfort zone, we should take risks, push through our discomfort and make courageous choices.

This means trusting ourselves, believing in our power and not giving up on our dreams.

Take Control of Your Life

We have the power to create the life we want by taking control instead of letting others decide our paths.

We should follow our own passions and priorities, say no to things that don’t serve us and focus on what matters most.Free book, podcast summaries

This helps us make more meaningful choices and build a life that we are truly proud of.

Find Your Voice

Finding your voice is essential for living an authentic life.

We must learn to speak up for ourselves, set boundaries and express our thoughts, feelings and opinions without fear or judgment.

This helps us cultivate healthy relationships and become more confident in who we are.

Prioritize Self-Care

Taking care of ourselves is essential for living a good life.

We should prioritize self-care by doing things that bring us joy, nourishing our bodies and minds, getting adequate rest and taking time for ourselves each day.

This helps us stay healthy and happy so we can be better equipped to handle whatever life throws at us.

Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude helps us appreciate the good things in life instead of focusing on what is lacking.

We can take time each day to reflect on what we are thankful for, savor simple moments and express appreciation for the people in our lives.

Doing this regularly can help us stay positive even during tough times.

Let Go of Perfectionism

Perfectionism often prevents us from living a fulfilling life because it holds us back from taking risks or making mistakes.

We should let go of perfectionism by understanding that failure is part of learning, embracing imperfection and being kind to ourselves when things don’t go as planned.

Be Open to Change

In order to grow as individuals, it’s important to be open to change.

This means being willing to explore different paths, take risks outside your comfort zone, step out of your routine and try something new.

Making changes doesn’t have to be scary as long as we are mindful about how it will affect our lives.

Connect With Others

Connecting with others is important for living a meaningful life because it helps us grow both personally and professionally.

We should cultivate relationships with people who share similar values and interests or challenge us in new ways.

This allows us to learn from each other, support one another and share life experiences together.

Live With Intention

Living with intention means being mindful about how we spend our time, energy and resources each day so that we can achieve our goals while still enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

By setting clear intentions each day, we can stay focused on what matters most while still being able to enjoy the present moment.

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