Acing product launch 101: How to create buzz around your launch with “remarkable” strategies

Strategy 3: Offer a remarkable value prop

@RobinhoodApp: “$0 commission stock brokerage”

@Dropbox: “Throw away your USB drive”

@gmail: “Free email w/ 1GB of storage”

@netflix: “No due dates, no late fees”

@WarbyParker: “Try on 5 pairs of frames at home before buying any”

Strategy 5: Start a remarkable controversy

@Quibi: Celebrity founders raise ~$2B for a pre-product video platform

@Hey: Public figure calling out Apple for their App Store fees

@getstolen: An app that lets you “buy” your friends on Twitter

11/ Notable mentions for remarkable ongoing drum-beat of buzz: @Levels, @fast, @mschf, @stir, @LambdaSchool

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