6 Product Frameworks From Tony Fadell, the Inventor of the iPod, iPhone & Nest

Tony Fadell on product design do’s and don’ts. 1. “What do you see?”  It is in our human nature to stop seeing what’s right in front of us. 2. “For truly great designs, 50% of the design is the design. 50% of the design is the story behind the design.” 3. Create your constraints   4. Find Your Product Development Heartbeat 5. What A World-Changing Founder Looks Like 6. Be A Troublemaker

How Zerodha optimizes its 20TB of data?

On peak traffic, despite having a heavy “hot” cache layer, the warehouse DB serves up to 40-50,000 queries per second. Instead of normalizing their data, they denormalized it because JOINs across tables holding billions of rows is difficult to scale.

Your product is a joke (and that's brilliant!)

The rules that help make good improv comedy can surprisingly help make good product too. Let’s run through interesting parallels between the two, and how you can apply some lessons from improv to build better product. The key product lesson is that you should understand the world you are in before you do anything else. This is the base reality of your product. Who are your customers? What are their problems? What do they do about these problems? What part of the existing solutions will you not change? Resist the natural rush to be creative with features, designs, engineering – and first observe and understand your base reality. The base reality shouldn’t be innovative and you should be careful about contriving it to be what you wish. Be specific and truthful. Here are some examples of base realities..

The Black Box Inventor Was Told to Drop the Idea

Warren was studying for his amateur radio license when a World War II ban on hobby radio forced him to redirect his efforts to chemistry sets. But when Warren gave his supervisor Technical Memorandum 142, describing the use of a wire to record several minutes of cockpit conversation, his boss showed no enthusiasm. Warren was told to pass the idea to the instruments group and “get on with blowing up fuel tanks,” as Warren was quoted in a 2019 BBC News article.