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  • manager-duties

    What Do Product Managers Actually Do?

    What do Product Managers actually do? And by that, I mean what actual work does a PM do? In an incredibly thorough introduction to the world of Product Management, Josh Elman of Greylock Partners, who has also worked at Twitter, Facebook Connect, LinkedIn and more, provides a detailed walkthrough of the same. Key Takeaways: Broad responsibilities […] More

  • friend

    Why The Product Manager Is A Team’s Best Friend

    Product Managers are an indispensable part of any organization, but as with all positions, sometimes they do come under fire when it comes to evaluating the value they bring to the organization. In this entertaining video from the Shift Conference, Marc Abraham, an experienced product management practitioner, who is Chief Product Officer at Settled, tells us […] More

  • product-management

    Product Management For Dummies – What does it take?

    Ben Sampson, VP of Product Management at Outsell, Inc., provides an entertaining, short and useful introduction to Product Management for newbies. Going over the typical path that leads many to Product Management, his talk at Biz Talks Chico identifies the typical responsibilities of Product Managers and what it takes to be a good one. Key […] More

  • pm

    How should Product Managers deal with AI-based products?

    Do traditional Product Management methods allow for efficient management of AI-based products? In this video, Michael Feng, a founder and product manager who has been building AI-driven products for the past 5 years, shares his view on the same and provides a framework on how to go about managing AI productively. Key Takeaways: AI Product Managers […] More

  • develop

    What Are Product Development Best Practices?

    Michael Smith, a Product Manager for Ads at Google in London, spoke at Campus on Product Development best practices and the most important things for a Product Manager to focus on during the period. Key Takeaways: What’s most important? Users Understanding the market Usage info Good reviews Ship by dates Beating the competition Network effects Long-term […] More

  • journey

    20 Years Of Product Management In 25 Minutes

    Dave Wascha, a Product Manager with over 20 years of experience, shares the biggest learnings of his long career condensed into a lovely 25 minute talk at Mind The Product. It covers customers, competition, vision and much more from key concepts to fundamentals that perhaps escape many even after having gained a lot of experience. […] More

  • strategy

    What’s the strategic aspect of Product Management role?

    Why exactly is Product Management role strategic for a firm? In this video, Todd Birzer of Kevolve Product Management tells us about the different domains that Product Managers have to deal with and paints a larger picture of the same. Key Takeaways: Product Management spans: Market Intelligence -> a. Market -> b. Customer -> c. […] More

  • coding

    Basic Engg Skills Product Managers Need

    In this enjoyable video, Boris Paillard, the CEO of Le Wagon, gives Product Managers a useful talk on the basic tech skills that they should possess, which includes understanding the technical pitch of a product, creating a mockup and the DB scheme. Sometimes non-technical Product Managers are overwhelmed by technical aspects, however, as this video […] More

  • metrics

    Driving SaaS Success Using Key Metrics

    David Skok, a General Partner at Matrix, provides key insights into how a SAAS company should look for success by using its metrics and smartly managing the most important ones amongst them. SAAS economics is a pretty complicated business, and in this talk for Saastr, David helps break down many vital concepts. Key Takeaways: 3 […] More

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