Between Calm and Headspace, Here is how the battled panned out

My guess

1/ Calm was leaner so had to focus on building a simple and well-designed meditation app that was high quality and not focus on corporations and B2B deals. I remember preferring Calm because of the “daily calm” over Headspace which I felt was unwieldy at times

2/ Maybe it goes back to “constraints foster creativity”. Running low on cash, Calm “kept the team size under 10, worked long hours in a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco and sharply questioned every outgoing dollar.”
3/ With the focus, it may have helped Calm win the Apple App of the Year award which helped a ton with marketing in 2017 (note that’s when according to Sensetower Calm overtook Headspace).

““Since winning App of the Year, we seem to have a much higher growth rate than they do”

5/ Interesting quote: “Calm has managed to overtake Headspace because they’ve been laser-focused without getting distracted by the types of vanity partnerships, like with sports teams, that look good in the press but don’t move the needle,” says Harley Miller a Calm investor.
@ncsh would know better than my wild guesses 😛

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