Decoded: Notion’s Growth Strategies

If you’re a SaaS founder, you need to study Notion The growth strategies used become a $2B startup and reach 1M users after a single seed round A thread👇

1) Notion was founded in 2012 by Ivan Zhao. Since it’s re-launch in 2018 it’s been the fastest growing platform for teams and individuals. Notion is no code software positioned as the one stop productivity, collaboration, note-taking and multipurpose SaaS solution tool.

2) Strategy 1: Product Led The core of Notion’s growth is driven by it’s amazing product. 80% of their traffic comes from direct search, 6% from paid ads. They got huge traffic from their 2018 Product Hunt launch (over 6K upvotes), leading to word of mouth and passionate fans

4)The community isn’t just growing in size, but it’s super engaging, averaging 25 new posts and 200+ comments/day They leveraged this to build a Notion Ambassador program for their biggest Notion fans and creators, while connecting with users to constantly get product feedback

7) The key takeaway was they found their power users, connected with them, and provided an opportunity to collaborate and build an army of Notion marketers. They gave them freedom to create content and have exclusive benefits as incentives – letting their passion drive growth.

12) This helps Notion attract new users, activates them by getting setup in Notion quickly, retains users because the templates provide value, turning them into active users, which then sparks more creators to build and share their teamplets.

13) Today they are leveraging templates to make the experience more valuable and are encouraging users to create and share their templates to the Notion community and their personal audiences on social media. The more people do this, the more the loop strengthens and accelerates!

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