Does longevity impact GDP? Dr. Mehmood Khan says it does

Does longevity impact GDP? Dr. Mehmood Khan says it does
Does longevity impact GDP? Dr. Mehmood Khan says it does

The concept of multiple careers throughout one’s extended lifespan is raised as an alternative model for future societies where individuals stay healthier longer. – Dr. Mehmood Khan

Dr. Mehmood Khan, an expert in scientific research, healthcare, and corporate governance, delves into the future of civilization. He sheds light on the societal and economic implications of increased lifespan and how advancements in AI, technology, and biotech are poised to tackle aging and disease.

Table of Contents

  1. The Economic Impact of Longevity
  2. Addressing Aging Population Challenges
  3. Preventing Increased Inequality
  4. Redefining Retirement Age Norms
  5. Re-envisioning Education’s Role
  6. AI & Biotech’s Role in Lifespan Extension
  7. Understanding Aging at Cellular Level
  8. The Dilemma of Aging Population
  9. Potential for Increased Inequality
  10. Rethinking Societal Norms Around Retirement Age
  11. Reimagining Education’s Role in Society
  12. Importance of AI and Biotech in Extending Lifespan

The Economic Impact of Longevity

An increase in human lifespan while maintaining health could have profound effects on society and the economy.

Research suggests that even a 12-month extension of healthy life could significantly boost GDP.

However, it’s important to differentiate between maximum lifespan and health span as people generally aspire to remain independent, active, and healthy as they age.

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Addressing Aging Population Challenges

The escalating healthcare costs associated with an aging population pose serious economic challenges.

Innovative solutions across all sectors – from policy changes to technological breakthroughs – are necessary to address these challenges.