Master the “curiosity flywheel”: Startup Lessons from Greg Isenberg

THREAD: My 20s were full of ups and downs I lost millions, made millions and helped build some billion dollar startups My biggest lessons learned:
The future of startups: – Privacy-first – Community-first – Sustainability-first – Creator-first – Decentralized-first – Digital-first Bookmark this list. Print it out This is where the world is going
How to build 1 successful product: Build 100 unsuccessful products first You need to fall down to move up
Rule of thumb: Don’t talk badly about other people in the industry Be positive. Positivity pays
One of the healthiest habits to learn: 1. Help people Exceptional things happen to: – those who help people – those who are helped Win-win
Master the “curiosity flywheel” Don’t join a crypto startup just because it’s hot. That fades quick Join because you can’t stop thinking about the future of the crypto world Curiosity drives motivation drives action etc I call that the curiosity flywheel How curious are you?
It’s never too late to reinvent yourself Life is long (we hope!)
Observation: If 100% of people like you, there is something wrong with you Being liked by everyone is a liability not an asset
Keep a startup journal I asked one of my billionaire investors what his biggest regret was His response was short and sweet: “I wish I wrote more down” You’ll never remember all the ups and downs Write it down. You’ll appreciate it in 5 years
Embrace being yourself Most people are afraid of being themselves. Don’t be If you aren’t yourself, you’ll create cookie-cutter products
Happy people: – Open – Warm – Support people, don’t discourage people – Know there is never a “right time” to make a leap
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