OKRs for Product & Engineering teams : Announcing #GrowthTalkies Workshop by Vidya, Cofounder Fitbots

How does one define OKRs for high-growth teams? Especially across the teams which the company need to ensure they work towards a common goal?

Next up in #GrowthTalkies, a workshop by Vidya Santhanam, cofounder of Fitbots.

Topic: OKRs for Product & Engineering teams 
Date: Sep 26th | 4 PM
Ideal for: Founders, Product and Engg Leaders

Key takeaways from the workshop:

  • The ABCs of OKRs
  • How do you get an OKR roll-out right?
  • How to set OKRs for Product & Engineering teams

GrowthTalkies is a joint initiative by WebEngage and NextBigWhat to help founders and ProductGeeks grow sustainably.

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