What is the difference between a Product Manager and a Product Marketing Manager?

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Product marketers are responsible for positioning a company’s products and services to meet customer needs. They need to establish a market presence and sustain a competitive edge over other similar products in the market. Product marketers need to develop a strong understanding of customers, their needs, and how these can be satisfied through using the product or service.

Product Marketing Managers work with the product managers to figure out the direction and focus for the marketing of a product. They often have a background in marketing, PR, or advertising. Product Marketing Managers are more involved with the development of campaigns and specific promotional strategies than those of Product Managers who are more involved with the day-to-day operations on a product.

Product managers on the other hand are more focused on ensuring that products can be delivered successfully to meet customer expectations. The primary role of a Product Manager is to understand customer problems and determine how these can be solved with new or existing solutions from their company’s portfolio.

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