EU unveils plans to cut Europe’s plastic and packaging waste

The draft EU regulation published on Wednesday also proposes mandatory deposit and return schemes for single-use plastic drinks bottles and metal cans, as well as an end to e-commerce firms wrapping small items in huge boxes.

EU officials estimate that 40% of new plastics and 50% of paper are used in packaging, making the sector a vast consumer of virgin materials.

Decathlon reverses its name to ‘Nolhtaced’ in three Belgian cities

The name Nohltaced, i.e. Decathlon written backwards, aims to promote “reverse shopping,” so to allow customers to resell old or unused sporting goods to Decathlon so that they can be repaired and resold under warranty.

Decathlon’s campaign aims to let people resell their items and be paid through Decathlon purchase vouchers, even if their items are not from the company’s brand.