Finding Product Market Fit: Thinking Models and Frameworks. Attend the #GrowthTalkies Workshop by Vikrama Dhiman (Head of Products at Gojek)

Mental models are frameworks that give people a representation of how the world works. To put it simply, mental models are a set of beliefs and ideas that we consciously or unconsciously form based on our experiences. They’re basically thinking tools—shortcuts for reasoning.

In the upcoming episode of #GrowthTalkies, learn how to go about finding product-market fit using different thinking models and frameworks, from the Head of Transport Products at Gojek, Vikrama Dhiman.

Date: Sep 19th (Saturday)
Time: 5 P.M.
Ideal for: Founders, Product and Growth professionals from the consumer as well as SAAS industries.

GrowthTalkies is a joint initiative by WebEngage and NextBigWhat to help founders and ProductGeeks grow sustainably.

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