Why audio plus social is the next big idea in consumer startups

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Why audio plus social is the next big idea in consumer startups

2/ Audio hits different.

Listening to someone’s voice, live and unedited, is personal—the opposite of highlight-reel social media or the highly-produced, one-way nature of most podcasts. The swell of a concert, a baby’s laugh, the roar of a stadium crowd.

3/ The draw of audio over other formats is obvious to any podcast devotee: the lean-back, hands-free ease of it.

That means audio apps don’t compete with a vast array of startups; they compete with doing dishes, driving, etc.

The competitive landscape is akin to mobile 10y ago.

4/ What’s the future of audio?

Video offers a glimpse. Today, “video” spans YouTube clips, Zoom conferences, Snapchat stories, Twitch streaming, TikTok dances, embedded collab tools, messaging apps, & more

Audio will be similarly sprawling, with endless product combinations.

5/ In particular, I’m excited about platforms that harness UGC, live conversations, & new social interactions

Fueled by AirPod ubiquity, podcasts, & smart speakers, audio is at the intersection of behavioral & technological change. The next phase of social? Listen closely 👂

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