11 productivity tips by Marc Anderssen

Marc Andreesen gets a lot done. He has sold 2 companies for $1B+ each. His venture firm has $28B in AUM. His 11 productivity tips:
1/ Don’t keep a schedule “Work on whatever is most important or most interesting” “Refuse to commit to meetings at a set time in the future” Why: A free calendar is liberating You get the best odds of maximizing flow [It’s rare to pull this off but this is the goal]
2/ Maintain 3 lists Todo List: stuff you “must” do Watch List: follow up tasks Later List: everything else [Anti-Todo: unplanned tasks that you do in a day] How: Each night, write the 3-5 things you need to do the next day Tear the Todo List daily after finishing your tasks
3/ Structured procrastination Never fight the tendency to procrastinate. Use it to your advantage in order to get other things done. While you’re procrastinating, just do lots of other stuff.
4/ Strategic incompetence To never get asked to do something again – royally screw it up
5/ Do email twice a day Keep your email client shut and your email notifications turned off [This should be extended to Social Media] Why: Email triggers an endorphin hit – you feel you’ve done something great
7/ Don’t answer the phone Let it go to voicemail. Every few hours, screen your voicemails and batch the return calls. Extra: Keep 2 phones – one for key family members, closest friends, boss and few coworkers. – the other for everyone else
6/ Email processing algorithm Each of the two daily email sessions ends with an empty inbox. Every message is answered or filed away. 4 folders Action: current working projects Pending: needs a follow-up Review: needs to be read in-depth Vault: everything else
8/ Use headphones to make yourself invisible Avoid distractions in the workplace by putting headphones on. Why: People feel worse interrupting you if you are wearing them.
9/ Plan your sleep to get a good, relaxed breakfast Eat a real, sit-down breakfast. Sleep early to wake early enough for 45-60 minutes of breakfast. Why: Breakfast fuels you up and is the most important meal This time prepares you mentally and emotionally for the day
10/ Criteria for new commitments It’s really easy to get asked to do something. Do it only if your head and heart should both say yes. [the key is whether you’re really excited about it adrenaline spike = heart saying yes]
11/ Do something you love
Thank you for checking this out. Hope this helps boost your productivity. For more high signal content, follow @rnjai_lamba. I read 15+ books and 100+ well researched and high-quality articles every month on: • productivity • building a startup from 0->1 Cheers!

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