DRDO: EV companies like Ola are using lower grade materials to cut costs #FireIncidents

The Defence Research & Development Organisation that was tasked with investigating …

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Gaurav Agarwal 1mg speaker

GrowthTalkies AMA: The 1mg growth journey with cofounder, Gaurav Agarwal

GrowthTalkies session with 1mg cofounder, Gaurav Agarwal on the early days, …

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Will your brand hit a growth ceiling soon? Answer these 10 questions

Will this brand hit a growth ceiling soon? Is current growth …

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How to navigate this downturn: Notes from a Sequoia Capital Partner

Efficient growth is what matters: Accept that growth rate will decrease …

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What is the future of Ethereum

What is the future of Ethereum? Last week, Vitalik Buterin co-published …

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How (practically) big is India’s Internet market?

Zerodha founder Nithin goes UnPluggd. How large is the Indian market …

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El Salvador Seeks Help from Binance on Bitcoin Adoption, Dogecoin Rises

Binance suspends LUNA and UST trading

1. At #Binance we prioritize user protection. We made the decision …

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Why Disney Is Getting Into the Furniture Business

Each piece contains the typical trappings of Disney-think wall-mounted shelving shaped …

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dalle 2 open AI

DALL·E 2: a new AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language

DALL·E 2 is a new AI system that can create realistic …

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10 career mistakes you could be making: Quit focusing solely on compensation

Don’t be afraid to fail. I’ll take an employee who is …

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India’s Power Crisis: Passenger Trains Cancelled For Movement Of Coal Amid India’s Power Crisis

A scorching summer is driving demand for coal in India. India …

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The Effectuation Principles to build great startups

Effectuation has 6 principles: 1. Bird in Hand Affordable Loss Lemonade …

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