AMA On Finding Product Market Fit & Scaling SAAS Sales – with Gaurav, Verloop [Today 5 PM]

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On Tuesday, March 31st, we have Gaurav Singh – Founder and CEO of Verloop, a conversational marketing platform that provides AI-based chatbot solutions. 

With over 5,000 global customers and an end-to-end solution that covers a website widget along with Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Android & iOS bots, the company has had quite a journey so far in finding PMF – from working with Bollywood to real estate and more, the company has tried an enormous number of experiments.

In the upcoming Huddle with Ashish Sinha (NextBigWhat founder), Gaurav Singh will talk about the product-market-fit journey of Verloop and how they went about finding verticals that work for them and scaling globally.

5 PM. March 31st.

Tuesday (March 31st) | 5 PM | At a screen near you (i.e. online/live video).

Catch it live on Youtube & Facebook!

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