Bring Interactive Charts to PowerPoint Presentations With oomfo

Always wanted to add interactive and ‘sexy’ charts to your presentation? Well, Microsoft Powerpoint does provide the basic charting tools, but pushing the envelop is what defines startups and Kolkata based, Fusioncharts has launched of oomfo, an interactive charting tool.


oomfo brings all the animation and interactivity from FusionCharts, and also adds advanced charts like Pareto/Waterfall/Marimekko that PowerPoint doesn’t offer. The product offers live data charting and can be customized way more extensively than the PowerPoint charts.

oomfo is built in Microsoft VB6 and the charts are rendered using Adobe Flash. Features offered includes:

– Ability to control data/view: oomfo enables you to show which data set you are talking about in a pie chart during your presentation. Just click on it and it will slice out beautifully. You can even hide a series of data in a combination chart so you can focus on the others.

Plot live data on your chart: If you are a sales manager and need to present your team’s figures to your boss every month, why create new charts with updated figures every single time? oomfo can can pull live data from any URL. Just get salesforce (or the CRM system you use) to send you this data in XML and let your charts know where the data will be coming from. Set it up once, use it forever without having to go back to your spread sheet. Use it for plotting marketing results, attendance numbers and even financial results.

If you need to talk about USP of the product, plotting live data is the answer. It’s a nifty tool for sales/marketing professionals.

– Portability+Customization: oomfo allows lot more customization options than Powerpoint and is highly portable. The most important part is that you can send the ppt to a colleague, who doesn’t need to have oomfo installed to view the charts (embedded as image). You can also export entire slides as webpages that work across all browsers, unlike PowerPoint’s export which works only on IE.

Watch this demo video of the product:

The product is still in beta, and is available for free download. Fusioncharts is looking at doing a commercial release later in the year.
Do give oomfo a spin and share your feedback with the team.
Recommended Video: Pallav Nadhani, founder of Fusioncharts shares the company journey:

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