Not a Clubhouse Clone, But Clubhouse as a Service [An Idea]

It’s all about communities.

Great products, businesses, creators are all building their communities – and having built some of the active startup/product communities, all I can say is that we are so done with Slack channels and even Discourse forums.

The text-y conversations are limiting and the new-age communities definitely need an audio + social component.

Of course, there is Clubhouse, which works well if you are an influencer (or the ones trying to) or casually involved in communities. But if you are seriously building a community, you probably won’t move your community to Clubhouse or several clones of Clubhouse.

You’d need your community members to *stay within your platform*, as communities aren’t about just the platform, but the experience and the benefits of being in the community.

Hopping your community members to Clubhouse could be a temporary switch, but you’d definitely crave to keep it in-house.

That brings me to a huge opportunity – no, not another Clubhouse clone (though that also is a huge opportunity), but Clubhouse as a service that enables any community to bring audio conversations in the community (without people hopping to another platform).

Hey! Isn’t Discord doing that? Well, Discord is created for gamers and core use-case/features/UX is aligned towards that.

What’s your take?

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