Facebook plans to deprioritize political content; Is that good?

2/ a continue) My point there is that FB will narrowly define this in ways that are overall not helpful and if past is any indicator in ways that will almost certainly unfairly advantage right-wing content.
3/ b) This will calcify and intensify an existing problem on platform. Asymmetry on FB is intense. For ex, last weekend right-leaning content had 50.96% of all engagement, left-leaning had 12.4%. News/non-aligned content (which was majority in terms of volume) only had 36.64%.
4/ The mess is made. You can’t fix a mess by ignoring it. This shift is to avoid doing something that would matter, but FB won’t do: factor in source authority. junk sources deemphasized, quality sources emphasized. Search engines do this. FB won’t cuz will piss of right-wingers
5/ In short, this will make the existing problem worse because: a) it punishes good information just as much as it punishes bad information; b) the asymmetry means the right-wing/junk sources will fill any gaps; c) calcifies an existing problem and makes harder to fix. great.

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