How to 10X your income in 4 years? Exit Your Social Cyclone

Want to 10X your income in the next 4 years? No, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. Here are 6 rules that helped me do it, from 2009-2013, and the action steps to start today👇
1) Quit Your Porn Everyone has some sort of “porn”, that hijacks your brain, & wastes your time. Yours could be actual porn, or a different time-suck like video games or (gasp!) twitter. The Key: Identify the distraction. Action Step: Commit to quitting “it” for 60 days
2) Exit Your Social Cyclone In NYC, every night was a special event or someone’s birthday. “I’ll do one drink” could turn into 10. Action Step: Realize events are optional. Don’t skip your Mom’s birthday, but make growing your business the priority event.
3) Drop Profitable Projects with Low Potential In 2007, I had 3 businesses. All were profitable and fun. I even got paid to plan events! But they distracted me from the ONE that mattered. Action Step:
You’re not Richard Branson. Pick the ONE thing with the highest potential. He who chases 2 rabbits catches none.
4) Go for a Smaller Piece of a Bigger Pie I had a buddy we’ll call Rex. Rex sold his biz for $100M and could retire. I asked Rex about his future plans and the answer surprised me, — “When I go back to work, I’m going into the energy drink business.” Me: “WTF!?!”
I was shocked. In 2011, there were as many energy drink brands as there are TikToKers selling t-shirts today. But he pointed out that energy drinks were an $11 billion industry. 1% of the market = $100 million
Action Step: A bigger market doesn’t mean more difficult. Selling courses on how to train guinea pigs vs. how to train dogs is the same amount of work. Guess which one has more buyers…
5) Work on a Timer I don’t know about you, but the hardest part of my workday has always been STARTING work. It’s too easy to jump on the comp, look up 4 hours later, and have zero work done. The emails, the socials, the charts, the blogs. And let’s be honest:
Checking your biz stats or portfolio gains is often pure distraction, too. The Timer became my antidote. 1) Take out your phone and turn on Airplane mode 2) Set your phone’s Timer for 33 minutes 3) During that 33 minutes, all you do is WORK
4) When the buzzer rings, you get a 6-minute break to pee and check Twitter. 5) Time that 6 minute break. Repeat.
6) Want Something Huge From 2006-2009, I made the same amount of money. And I was happy about it. But then I decided I wanted to own a nice condo. And I lived in NYC. So it was going to be damn expensive. As a result, I became ultra-motivated to EARN.
This big goal pushed me to set The Timer, and do everything else. In 2013, I closed on the exact condo I wanted in the West Village. Well worth it. Action Step: Set a financial goal that you need to 10X your income to achieve.
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