Introducing: SEEK, the mentorship platform that helps India move FWD

The second wave of Covid-19 has been devastating for India. And it continues to wreak havoc. While the number of active cases are going down, the real social and economic impact of the second wave will start showing up now.

According to a study by Azim Premji University, approximately 230 million people in India fell into poverty in 2020 because of the economic repercussions of COVID-19. With more and more people being pushed below the poverty line, and in some cases to further depths of poverty and vulnerability, there is now a hierarchy of marginalisation. While the most visible of the vulnerable populations—migrant labourers, farmers, those afflicted by COVID-19—may still be able to receive some attention, the already marginalised—patients with leprosy and their families, people with disabilities, transgender people, devadasis, sex workers, those living with HIV—have further become invisible in society [Via]

What we need at this point is not just those huge donation numbers, but also sustained micro-donations across the next few months (most companies and organizations are done with the big donation announcements, which mostly has been about solving for Oxygen and similar immediate crisis during the second wave).

The real help needs to start now and needs to start at scale.

Introducing: SEEK

SEEK helps India get #UnStuck by enabling professionals to get real actionable advice from the best DOERs out there and at the same time, 100% of proceeds from this initiative go to charities.

Through SEEK, we’re helping maximize donations to Covid-19 charities by making incredible professionals available to you for mentorship sessions. 
Tap into their expertise at an affordable price and ensure your personal growth.

We started experimenting with a mentorship platform idea around 20 days back (beta mode, a bit of manual process) and happy to announce the V2.0 of SEEK, which is now a complete DIY platform for mentors as well as mentees.



From companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Paytm, Flipkart..and many more.



Across Product Management, Marketing, Leadership, Sales, Engineering.

Charities we are donating to

On SEEK, we are solely focused on the communities that are often neglected or are in places often ignored – for example, artisans in Tamil Nadu to children with special needs to adivasi communites..and more (you can look at this growing list of charities we are donating to).

I believe getting mentorship from people I look up to is one of the crucial aspects of growing in my career. With SEEK, I got the opportunity to speak with the Director of Product at an Indian start-up. All of my questions on different facets of product management were answered, and I can’t thank them (and the SEEK team) enough.

Utkash Singh

Product Manager

I expected a lot of prescriptive bullet points, but in fact I returned with a framework that helped me generate the logic behind the prescriptive solution myself.
Far better than what I expected to get out of the session.

Mentors are constantly surprising you – which is why you need them!

Nitin Bhaduria


SEEK couldn’t have been possible without the generosity of mentors who have come together to solve for India. We just can’t thank them enough for volunteering their time for this initiative (if you are interested to apply as a mentor, please fill up this form).

If you are a mentee, there is nothing better than SEEK to help you solve for your immediate short-term and long-term career or business related question.

Go. SEEK. And enable all to move forward !

[SEEK is in partnership with FWD app, that democratizes professional skilling, taught by real-world practitioners]

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