Announcing NextBigWhat Meetup: How To Make ‘Listening To The User’ A Way Of Life

One of the most fundamental reasons as to the requirement of a Product Management function is helping build product that customers need. And to do that Product Managers themselves need to be attuned to making that happen by understanding users deeply.

Having an ear to the ground in a world of a crazy amount of datapoints is not easy, but it is possible. By listening to users perceptively, you can shape your product as a PM or even as a founder in the most meaningful way possible – building a symbiotic relationship between product and user.

To provide you with a detailed masterclass on this subject, we’ve invited Movin Jain, VP of Products @ Meesho, who will be presenting an interactive talk on this subject for practitioners and aspiring PMs alike.

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Meetup Agenda

4:45 PMRegistration Begins
5:00 PMHow to make ‘listening to the user’ a way of lifeMovin Jain
5:45 PMAMA with the speakersMovin Jain & Ashish Sinha
6:30 PMCoffee & Tea

Limited seats available.

Date : Dec 6th
Timing: 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Venue: NextBigWhat HQ, 677, 2nd Floor, 14th Cross, 1st Sector, HSR Layout
Confirmed Entry (& goodies): Rs. 350 + tax (early birds).
Who should attend? Current Product Managers, Aspiring Product Managers and Founders.

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Meetup Speakers

Movin Jain, VP of Products @ Meesho

Movin Jain rediscovered his love for technology and data after having started his career as a Fixed Income trader after his MBA. Since then, he has adorned various hats at a handful of leading Indian startups, and also started a profitable company.

He currently leads Product for Search and Personalisation at Meesho, one of India’s fastest growing startups that aims to create 20 million home entrepreneurs by 2020, through social commerce. Movin has earlier worked at companies like InMobi and Ola.

Movin is passionate about solving tough and meaningful problems. When he’s not working, Movin likes to ruminate on Math puzzles, play the piano, and run half marathons.

Talk topic: How to make ‘listening to the user’ a way of life.

Meetup Host

Ashish Sinha

Ashish Sinha, Founder

Ashish Sinha is the founder of NextBigWhat and an instructor at NextBigWhat Academy’s Product Management Course. He has held a number of product roles in his previous avatar.

If you are venturing into product management function – go ahead and apply for the upcoming batch of NextBigWhat Academy’s Product Management Course.

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