The Right Mental Model to Understand *Money*

Cliche: Money doesn’t buy happiness. Not quite right. Money buys freedom. Freedom leads to happiness. Almost no one disagrees with the fact that freedom leads to happiness. So if money isn’t buying you happiness, you’re using it wrong.
How to be a better copywriter

How to become a better copywriter?

Summary • Focus on features, not benefits • Get super specific • Write towards an action • Align your copy with the motivation of your prospect • Use simple words •…
Hiring for Startups

How to Hire for the Early Stage Startups

Optimize for IQ/horsepower. Talent overruns experience in like 3-6 months and never looks back. If you love someone, but they are missing a skill, you’re better off getting them to…
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5 steps to build your own “Life Map” 🧵

Your 10-year-plan will feel uncomfortable & ambiguous. That’s okay. Your long-term vision SHOULD feel big & broad, while giving you just enough direction to help inform short-term actions. Alex Lieberman…
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The rule of three in persuasion

How many positive claims should you make at once about your product? Use three positive claims about your product in your messages (e.g. ads, website, packaging) to maximize how persuasive…