Amazon intends to spend $1 billion every year on movies for theaters

Amazon plans to produce 12 to 15 films a year for theatrical release. Given that Universal and Warner have nearly comparable budgets, the investment might increase revenues by 15%–20%.

Next year, Amazon will distribute fewer movies in theatres, but it will gradually expand that number. It has the same number of releases as well-known studios like Paramount Pictures.

Shadow Drive: Shadow introduces a cloud storage platform

With two distinct products, Shadow is now officially a tech company. In addition to its cloud computing service, the business is introducing Shadow Drive, a cloud storage solution built on Nextcloud.

Like can handle your WordPress website for you, Shadow Drive is a hosted service, so you don’t have to operate your own server or maintain anything.

God of War Ragnarok becomes the fastest-selling PlayStation game in history

God of War Ragnarok has now officially broken the record for the fastest-selling PlayStation first-party game with sales of 5.1 million units in its debut week.

Although Ragnarok’s sales launch data after three days were never made public, it was believed that the game was on track to have the greatest UK launch in franchise history.

Microsoft’s $68.7B Activision deal could draw FTC scrutiny

The commissioners of the FTC had not yet decided whether to sue Microsoft or not. The FTC’s staff, however, is “sceptical” about the benefits each company thinks the agreement will bring.

Microsoft has already stated that it thinks the agreement will be approved both domestically and internationally. A representative for Activision defended the agreement.


MAARG Portal has opened up startup applications for registration

The DPIIT has issued a call for startup applications for registration on the MAARG site, the National Mentorship Platform by Startup India, in an effort to boost the startup ecosystem in the nation.

In this regard, the MAARG portal serves as a one-stop platform to provide mentorship for entrepreneurs across various industries, roles, stages, and backgrounds.

Tesla to equip over 1 million vehicles with Dolby Atmos

For months, Dolby Atmos has been a goal of Tesla’s collaboration with major record companies. Over 1 million Teslas now on the road, including all recently produced vehicles, will support Dolby Atmos once the software update is released.

Dolby’s Atmos surround sound format uses height channels to interpret sounds as 3D objects.

iPhone 15 Pro may come with solid-state volume buttons

Apple will incorporate the power and volume buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro similarly to way it did with the iPhone 8’s home button.

To more accurately replicate the sensation of touching physical buttons, Apple plans to put taptic engines on both sides of the gadget. The iPhone 15 Pro will therefore have three taptic engines.

Japan to introduce experimental digital Yen CBDC in 2023

The central bank intends to test the digital pilot for a period of two years before debating and deciding whether to proceed with the issuance in 2026.

Banks and other institutions will collaborate closely with the Bank of Japan. This will identify any deposits or withdrawals that may be having problems. rebrands itself as, buckles down to talent management

Candidates using the new platform will get recommendations and results that are tailored to their skills, employment history, and educational background.

Other elements include a marketplace for community-led mentoring, examinations that validate abilities, a mobile-first user experience, and upskilling programmes.

Violent protests erupt at Foxconn’s iPhone plant in China

Large-scale protests erupted at the massive iPhone manufacturing owned by Foxconn in Zhengzhou, central China. Videos showed a road with hundreds of workers marching along it, some of whom were confronted by riot police.

In some recordings, employees can be seen griping about the food they were given, while others claim their promised bonuses have not been given to them.

Spotify brings audiobooks to more English-speaking countries outside US

Now customers in other English-speaking countries including the U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand may access Spotify’s library of audiobook titles from the streaming app.

This September, Spotify offered users access to more than 300,000 audiobook titles for the first time in the United States. These are searchable in the Spotify app’s new “Audiobooks” hub.

Meesho joins ONDC with an aim to boost hyperlocal businesses

The integration is intended to broaden the market for hyperlocal providers while assisting in the discovery of products. Meesho has currently eight lakh registered sellers on its platform.

The pilot will be introduced in Bengaluru first before being gradually expanded to other cities over the next months.

Your favourite UPI app may soon start imposing transaction limits

The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and the Reserve Bank of India are now in discussions over the implementation of the proposed December 31, 2022 deadline for reducing the volume cap.

Currently, there is no volume cap. But, the NPCI suggested a 30% volume cap for third-party app vendors (TPAP) in November.

CoinSwitch launches multi-exchange crypto trading platform

Users will be able to view, pick, compare, and trade in numerous tokens across exchanges using the CoinSwitch Pro platform. With a single login, users can trade crypto assets in INR on various exchanges.

Depending on the cryptocurrency exchange, the cross-exchange platform will charge consumers a transaction fee for trades made on the site.

Union Labour Ministry serves Amazon with notice regarding layoffs in India

Amazon has been summoned by the deputy chief labour commissioner regarding the Voluntary Separation Program. Amazon India’s public policy manager has to attend a hearing on Nov 23.

“The company needs to submit an application to the authorities along with the reasons for such layoffs. Then the government will decide whether the layoffs can be permitted or not,” said NITES President Saluja.

Indians most hurt by mass tech layoffs in US amid 195-year wait for green card

Amid mass tech layoffs in the US, a congressional report estimated that Indians filing in 2020 would have to wait as long as 195 years for a green card while Chinese workers faced an 18-year wait.

Mass tech layoffs have left hundreds of workers living in the US on temporary visas with little time to find another job, or they’ll have to leave the country.