Understanding User: Before and Beyond MAU / DAU [GrowthTalkies Workshop with Prashant Singh, Ex VP of Product @Paytm]

These days, there is quite a bit of madness around MAU/DAU among growth marketers, product managers and founders. And in between all of these, something really crucial gets missed out.

Understanding Users (as humans)
Their behaviors.
Their Motivations.

Welcome to this week’s GrowthTalkies, wherein Prashant Singh will help you get a better grip of your users and more so, from a very first principle thinking process.

Prashant Singh has over 15 years of experience with expertise in Product Management across domains such as consumer, mobile, FinTech, Social & AI. He has launched a number of apps with 50+ million downloads and one of his companies, Shifu, was acquired by Paytm in 2015.

Having worked on a product with as massive a scale – both in terms of product scope as well as teams – as Paytm, Prashant has some incredible insights to offer when it comes to understanding users.

Workshop Title: Understanding User: Before and Beyond MAU / DAU
Date: Oct 3rd | 4-5 PM onwards.
Ideal for: Product Managers, Founders, Marketers.

Also, we’d highly recommend this thread by Prashant on understanding user behavior.

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