The Books You Should Be Reading
On Product Management

Books For Product Managers

One of the important aspects of Product Management is its inherently multi-disciplinary character, and as a Product Manager you’re expected to keep up with product, design, customer success, user experience and so much more.

Your hands are full, we get it.

How should I learn first-principle product thinking?
How do I – as a non-designer – understand design?
How can I – as non-support – understand support/customer success?
How should I absorb the latest wisdom on UX?
We understand the pain and the struggle in having to keep up every year and update oneself.
So, as the new year is soon to dawn upon us, we have carefully curated a list of books for Product Managers everywhere that will help you to take your skills to the next level.
Make sure to go through this list slowly, as there are way too many gems here.
Pick the ones you like and commit yourself to reading them.
Elevate your thought and skills.

The only way to stop a creative rut is by absorbing new ideas.


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