5 Ways to Get Good Returns from Your Marketing Campaigns

Getting good returns from their marketing campaigns’ is the goal of every marketer. But surprisingly there are very few marketers who achieve this goal.


Because the marketing landscape is constantly changing, and navigating it can be extremely tough, especially if you’re new to it. But don’t let that scare you away!

If you are creating marketing campaigns and wondering how to improve the performance of these campaigns, this post is for you. I’ll dive into the tactics and ways that will help you generate good returns from your marketing campaigns:

  1. Understand your audience

If you don’t know your audience, you won’t even know whether your campaign is going to resonate with them, let alone what messages to send them or how to convert them from prospect to customer. So, before you begin creating your marketing campaigns’, it’s essential to have an idea of who your audiences are.

Now the question is how to understand your audience better?

Well, you should always start by creating a few clear marketing personas — made-up of people that represent your ideal customers.

Try to fill these personas with everything you know about your target audience from their name to designation to their goals and challenges. The more you’ll learn about your audience, the better your marketing campaigns will perform.

  1. Outline your campaign objective

Although the primary goal for most marketing campaigns’ is to increase sales, there are other goals you might want to achieve with your campaigns.’ So, before you create your marketing campaign, you need to define a clear goal for every campaign. Here are some goals to consider:

  •    Increase traffic
  •    Increase brand awareness
  •    Increase sales leads
  •    Improve customer engagement
  •    Gather customer feedback
  •    Develop brand ambassadors
  •    Improve customer retention

The more specific you are with your campaign goal, the easier it will be to achieve success.

  1. Align your campaign goal with the business goal

When creating campaigns many times marketers fail to align their campaign goals with their business goals. When that happens, you may end up creating campaigns’ that may not help you improve your business bottom line.

If you want to create successful marketing campaigns, you should ensure that your campaign goal aligns with your business goal.

  1.  Leverage the power of marketing automation

No matter how good your marketing campaigns are if you can’t measure their effectiveness – you can’t prove their success. So you need to invest in marketing automation to measure your campaign’s success.  

How can marketing automation tool help with that?

Most automation tool includes analytics and reporting features that provide you the data you need to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Although a lot of companies have invested in marketing automation tools but most of them are still using them as an email marketing tool – don’t be one of them. 

  1. Test, Monitor, and Analyze

You’ve probably heard it many times, but it’s so chronically neglected that I’m going to mention it again – no matter which marketing channel you are using, testing the effectiveness of your efforts is essential. The same rule applies to your marketing campaigns too.

Without monitoring your campaigns, you won’t be able to identify the areas that need improvement, and in turn, you won’t be able to garner good results from these campaigns.

Author Bio:  Reshu Rathi is an online marketing and conversion rate enthusiast. She has been in the internet marketing industry for nearly ten years, specializing in content and product marketing, lead generation and engagement strategy. She provides thought leadership for a variety of global publications.

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