AMA On Building & Scaling Instamojo – with Sampad [Wed, 5 PM]

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AMA On Building & Scaling Instamojo – with Sampad [Wed, 5 PM]

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On Wednesday, April 1st, we have Sampad Swain – Co-founder and CEO of Instamojo, a payments platform with over 1 million medium and small businesses onboard.

Starting off as a pioneer in the digital goods space in India before transitioning to full-stack payments technology shows the product went through a number of ideas and iterations before finally arriving at its Product-Market-Fit. Today, Instamojo is considered to be one of the most widely used and no-nonsense payments gateways in the country.

In the upcoming Huddle with Ashish Sinha (Founder & CEO, NextBigWhat), Sampad will talk about the journey of Instamojo in finding Product-Market-Fit and scaling a product that is central to many businesses today.

5 PM. April st.

Wednesday (April 1st) | 5 PM | At a screen near you (i.e. online/live video).

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