Bangalore Based CloudMagic Adds the Most Obvious Feature to Gmail–Integrated Search

Like me, if you are a heavy user of Gmail (apps), you need the most obvious feature – i.e. an integrated search experience.

Gmail earlier introduced autofill feature in the search box, but it is limited to the contact book, though one’s search intent spans the conversation thread too. search_gmail_cloudmagic

CloudMagic, Bangalore based startup has launched Firefox and Chrome plugins (link) that once installed, will index your email (currently supports only Gmail and Google Apps email account) and brings the related conversation/contacts in the search result.

Once you install the plugin, you need to add your Google (or apps) account and the plugin will index your data locally (i.e none of your data is sent to Cloudmagix servers).

What’s really neat about CloudMagic is that the search results are shown as-you-type and also shows the email conversation and brings in the much needed relief for heavy users of Gmail.

Quite a logical extension to Gmail – infact, this is one of those features which Google should have added!

Having said that, one of the things I found strange is that the plugin shows the search box in all of my Gmail windows (i.e. gmail as well as google apps email account), even though I have added only one account (understandable from Chrome plugin limitation perspective, but not from intelligence of the product).

As far as future plans are concerned, the company is launching integration with Google docs as well as Hotmail and Yahoo mail. The monetization model, I’d believe would be search services for enterprises running on Google docs (and other cloud services).

Do give CloudMagic a spin – it surely will save time for heavy Gmail users.

Watch this demo video

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Update: The team is Bangalore based.

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