#StartupResources: Tips To Stay Organized And Productive!

Meeting with a founder and they asked what tools I use to keep organized. To be honest, I don’t feel very as productive as I want to be but happy to give a little #thread 🧵 on the tools / tips I use and learnings. 👇 #productivity #startup #hustle
2/ At the start of the week I spend about 30 minutes focused on what needs to get done. This is usually done by reviewing my calendar (using fantastical) and also my todo list using @todoist which has an Upcoming view. I have learned over time that there is a max amount…
3/ Of todo’s that can be done for me on a daily basis so I work really hard to only allocate that per day (which is 4 for me but might be different for you). If I have more than 4 in a day I look at those items, stack rank them, and then move the ones on the lower and if…
4/ needed inform the person(s) that could be affected by that change. In addition to this many of you have a CRAZY calendar 🗓️ where there are meetings all over the place. This is hard as with every company / work environment the rules are different…
5/ The first step is to go to your calendar and decided what time you need to block off to actually do work. Yep. go and do it now. Just block that time off. Then stay firm on it as most people will adjust. If you …
6/ Find yourself still booking meetings there find another time to block off that is less hot as with every company there are hot windows (Palmetto has more in the morning and less in the afternoons).
7/ The second item is to allocate time where you are good with “random” meetings on your calendar. I usually have 3-4 slots a week. Then go and get something like @Calendly and just allocate those spots. You can send out your personal link and people will just use those spots. 💥
8/ As always, this is just a couple quick tricks that I have learned that work for me. What things work for you as I am constantly looking to optimize things?

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