The Chosen Ones [Startups at UnPluGGd2]

At UnPluGGd2, 10 startups demoed their product to the audience. From the initial list of 250, 35 made it to the second round and post that, our panel helped us select the 10 promising startups.

Like we mentioned earlier, there were several parameters that were taken into account and here is the list of companies that made it to the stage (in no partcular order).


Started by an ex-Googler, AppCanvas is the “photoshop” for web applications.

Appcanvas is a powerful tool and is targeted towards non-programmers who want to create custom dynamic applications (like a blog). Features of the platform include

  • Non-programmers who want to create custom dynamic applications. zopte
  • Appcanvas exports code and allows injecting code for advanced functionality. Developers who want to retain control of their development environment, can still use Appcanvas to do 90% of the work and later modify the code manually.
  • Without its dynamic capabilities, is a powerful tool to design web sites which can be directly exported to HTML. This in itself is a powerful product that many designers and developers want.


Product : Cwicket

Started by Nikil Soman, who earlier started Zapak and BigAdda, Dialify has launched their first product – cWicket.

Cwicket is an Audio Game designed for in-call delivery over telephony networks, bringing a new cricketing experience to all phone users across the country. NO Downloads, NO Data plans, NO GPRS, just a simple number to dial & play.dialify_hi-res

Audio gaming as a concept may sound odd – particularly because our lives are visually saturated. However Audio/Sound has some unique properties – sound perception includes  spatial distribution awareness & multi-channel sensitivity, which implies multi-tasking. These are quite easily ignored or over-shadowed by the visual sense.
At Dialify, we believe that sound/audio on its own is a very powerful medium. Perhaps that’s why music is still such a big hit, and also why I cant imagine watching cricket on TV without the commentary & Movies sans music. Cwicket is commentary of a cricket match that users play over a phone call.

The company has worked on building the next generation Interactive Voice Game Engine with support for turn based, strategy & role playing games. Future releases include dynamic environments, social publishing from within games, collaborative task completion, virtual items & Massively Multi-player Tournaments.


Product :,,

A starup by ex-Googlers, Dhiti (means ‘insgights’ in sanskit) helps gather insights from online information. The company has three services – for publishers, for users and for twitter.

Nuggetize understands user intent, and the content out there – and presents the most relevant facts fast, organized around contextual concepts.

As far as the engine capabilities are concerned, Dhiti’s tools and widgets assist publishers serve different classes of visitors:

  • Landing page optimization for search engine referrals
  • Spectrum of content for the explorers
  • Content discovery for the miners.
  • Brief and concise nuggets for attention-challenged readers
  • Contextual recommendations for casual surfers. can also be used directly by users to get nuggets on any topic, any web page, an RSS feed, a blog, or even a Twitter id. These nuggets can be curated, shared with an audience, or even embedded/ syndicated in blogs through their contextual widgets.

Product : Bizosys Elastic Bridge

Bizosys Elastic Bridge enables software applications to work with large amounts of data, both structured and unstructured. It provides distributed data storage and real time search engine for applications to scale on demand.bizosys_logo_s

The product provides a solution to software scalability that comes with large amounts of data and high number of users. Prospective customers are from various domains that deal with high amounts of data such as content aggregators, social media analytics or large number of users like mobile applications.


Product : !nTouch Customer Engagement Solutions

!nTouch is a product for mobile-based instant customer engagement solutions for retvilers and consumer facing businesses. The product is an enterprise solution that enables customer engagement and loyalty capillary-logo-143x59-9kthrough the mobile phone thus making it hassle free for the consumer and cost effective for the retailer. Apart from that, it bundles in an instant analytics engine – for doing cross-sell while the customer is still in the store, thereby increasing the share of the wallet. The product is backed by our analytics and campaign management tools and services. We also provide necessary marketing services thus making it a full turnkey solution.
The product has been deployed in more than 2500 retail merchants around the country of marquee names such as Raymond Ltd., Madura Garments, PUMA, Future Group, UniverCell. Odyssey from different verticals and categories.


Product : (Cloud Telephony)

KooKoo is a next generation Inbound and Outbound IVR telephony platform that allows users to build and manage their telephony application themselves using web technology of their choice leveraging existing web infrastructure. KooKoo is more than an IVR platform. kookoo

KooKoo allows quick go to market for the users, providing robust and highly scalable production grade platform. KooKoo allows users to launch their services locally in multiple states. KooKoo currently offer services in Hyderabad (AP), Bangaloru(Karnataka),Chennai(TN), Mumbai (MH). In near future KooKoo services will be extended to most of the state capitals.

KooKoo API will evolve to offer other cloud services like transcription, speech recognition, speech authentication and many more one a single platform. KooKoo will partner with different cloud service providers offering their services through KooKoo API transparently.
KooKoo is built for Indian context in line with all TRAI regulations, still innovatively offering affordable pay as you go model to end users.


Product: Adaptive3D.comAdaptive3D Logo

Adaptive 3D Technologies develops “Easy to Use” 2D and 3D Design , Simulation and Data Management Software that helps Engineers and Manufacturers around the World to Fast track their Product Development ( TTM and NPI Cycles) by better Creation,Simulation , Publication and Collaboration of Design Data.

Revolutionary 2D and 3D CAD Solid Modelling Product built with Unique IP which caters to the needs to Artists, Designers/Engineers and Organizations in Several Verticals( Public Sector, Mfrg, Consumer Products, Industrial , Education etc) to fast track their Product Development Process using Rapid Prototyping ,Iterative Design and Dynamic Simulation.

Hamesha ON

HameshaON is a low Cost Smart Grid  for Indian conditions with 100% Power Theft Prevention and Variable Power Delivery.

The product/system Hamesha ON consists of different components and they work together to deliver the desired result.
1. Power manager with configurable no. of connections up to 16 connections from a single device.hon1
2. Overhead theft detector that sits on the overhead wire with Phase Tripping Device
3. Network control application through Windows/Web interface.
4. Optional In Home Display for consumers

The product guarantees zero power loss due to theft and commercial reasons. The product enables peak reduction without inconveniencing consumers, it eliminates the need for power cuts and automates the entire power distribution, billing and payment processes.

inDefend Endpoint Protectiondata_resolve_logo

Product :

inDefend Endpoint Security is an application which will help you achieve full control on your enterprise network against theft of data without blocking you for your relevant access, at the same time blocking all kinds of unauthorized usb devices, websites related to porn, games and applications like chat and VoIP.

Loss and theft of information from an enterprise network because of rising number of removable media devices such as usb stick, digital cameras, ipod, mp3 music player and high speed internet connectivity with 3G, bluetooth, IR etc. Enterprises are faced with huge threat of losing confidential information either by intentional activities such as sending confidential information through email etc or accidental such as losing a USB drive containing some confidential information.


Eyes And Feet is a web application that helps local businesses like restaurants & spas understand and use social media like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.
At, local businesses can get information and tools that no one else provides. With the only dynamically updated social media directory of its kind, we provide curated, relevant and real time data on what exactly their competitors & peers in their city are doing on social media.

The application also provides wizards, guides and tools that helps a local business get up and running with their own social media presence!

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