The Awesome #UnPluGGd2 Event. Thank you Everybody!

arunitc: #Unpluggd2 Glad I attended. Amazing event. When is Unpluggd 3?

whokan: had a great time at #unpluggd, excellent event for startups !

@apurvanarang: #Unpluggd2 has some great start-ups that have products that can rly take on thw world right now #win

nutanc: Got nice feedback from lot of guys at #unpluggd for #kookoo thanks pluggdin

rajeshgupthar: @pallavn was one of the youngest CEO’s of successfull software product companies from india globally #Unpluggd hats off

Ladies and Gentlemen

UnPluGGd’s second edition is over and by all standards, the event was a huge success. In total we had 330+ attendees at the event and a mix of great speakers, startups and of course an awesome audience.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who was part of the awesome event.


Title Sponsor: Microsoft Bizspark.
UnPluGGd is the first public showcase of Windows Phone 7 in India and we’d like to thank the Bizspark team for the awesome demo.

Mentor: Sequoia Capital.

Some of the Sequoia Capital team members flew from Mumbai/Delhi and the entire team spent a great amount of time with startups (selected for mentoring sessions).

Gold Sponsor : Infibeam.

Associate Sponsor: Jasper Marketing Innovation Fund/Snapdeal

Thanks for making it happen and supporting the event. Most importantly, we had a very creative brochure (twitter styled) and all of our sponsors readily agreed to the new format.


You guys are our stars and UnPluGGd is all because of the awesome speakers we bring. Pallav, Saloni, Rodinhood (Alok), Manish and Naveen – all of you rock! All of you shared your startup journey ‘unpluggd’ and I just cannot thank you enough for this.

Special thanks goes to Naveen (of InMobi). He reached Bangalore (managed to get out of the air strike chaos in France) the morning of 30th and came over for the event, in spite of being jetlagged.


We’d like to thank our panel for spending so much of time and effort in the selection process. In no particular order, I’d like to thank Sanjay Anandaram (Jumpstartup), Arjun & Bani (of Catmaran Fund) and the entire Sequoia Capital team (especially to Neha for coordinating the entire effort).

Enabler Sponsors/Partners

Special thanks to our enabler sponsors (authorstream, saltSocial, Interactive.Media) and our partners (NetBramha, theMorpheus, Zipdial, E27 and ET Now, our TV partner.SAMSUNG

Presenting Startups

The whole selection process was a bit too complex and in cases where we had ties, we spent a  lot of time with entrepreneurs. We thank them for putting in such an awesome effort. Everybody loved the startup demos.

The Team

The most important part, i.e. UnPluGGd team.

Nothing awesome is possible without a dedicated team and in no particular order, here is a BIG THANK YOU note to the UnPluGGd team.

– Kunal : The always-smiling ‘jugaad’ guy. he helped us with the registration process, finding good deals and pretty much everything during the event. Tell him what needs to be done and he will get it done!unpluggd_tweets

– Kanupriya : She handled the tweets from @pluggdin id and for the first few hours, used her mobile for sending the tweets  (which I believe gets really painful after a certain time). She did an awesome job of keeping #unpluggd2 real time.

Indus : Well, what can I say about Indus! He and Pratyush were the emcees of the event and they handled the entire flow seamlessly. While I was outside handling the operational part, I was quite assured about the fact that the anchoring part was done by guys whom I can depend upon. Thank you dude!

– Pratyush. No words can describe the amount of help PP has rendered for the event. Both he & I spent a lot (and I really mean a LOT) of time during the startup selection process. In the last 2-3 week, we probably used to be on phone, talking to each other for cumulative 2-3 hours/day. PP even came down from Chennai a few days before the event, so that we can nail down the entire operational flow of the event.

Naman/Arvind – They are part of Pi team and managed the registration process smoothly. They took care of a lot of stuff during the event.

– Ankit/Sambit/Pulin/Sanket – It was awesome to have a team so capable and dependable. They managed the entire presentation flow as well as as a meeting schedules (between startups and Sequoia team members), ensuring that there is no delay.

– Chandra (theIndiamarket) – He (and his team member) helped the attendees with giving exact directions to the venue.

– Of course, Karnataka Politicians – Given the current political situation, I was really worried about politicians declaring any random day as bandh (and that random day could be October 30th – after all, there is no science behind announcing a bandh!). Thanks to all the politicians for not doing so!

Most importantly, The Audience.

Any event is measured by the quality of discussions and one of the things I strongly believe in is that it is okay to have a smaller crowd which is focused and is present for a certain reason than a large crowd which is present because they have a (free) entry ticket.

We met some of the gatekeepers (of certain communities) where the gatekeepers asked us to give away some free tickets to the community (and then they will allow us an access to the community). We decided not to have such meaningless conversations and  instead focused on delivering an awesome event. An event where every entrepreneur learnt something and had something to take back (apart from tees Smile )

We were blessed to have such an amazing audience and the turnout was more than what we expected (we ran out of tees and I have nothing left for myself!).

Last but not the least, to all well-wishers of and those who believed in us. Thanks for all the support and we promise to live up to your expectation. We have few great learning from the event and will keep on improving (feedback form will be sent out to the attendees shortly).

Thanks again for the awesome #UnPluGGd event!

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