Want to run a Startup? Do Sales for a year

[Geeks do not have high regards for sales professionals, but the reality of any business is that biggest validation comes from customers who bet their money on you/your product. Here is an great perspective by Mayank Sharma, founder of Revu.in.]

My younger brother says that everyone wanting to run a startup should do sales atleast for a year. Having done sales for most of his working life and running a 2 person Legal BPO for more than a year, I think he walk’s that talk when he says that.sales

Running a startup makes you do all kind of things, some of which you think you were ^not made to do^. Even when you are doing everything right, invariably your customers are going to be too slow for you. When your customers start dropping your calls and ignores your emails, you know the fun has just started. How many times have we received an unsolicited cold calls selling us something and we have shouted back at the person? Hey, they are just doing their job, everytime someone rejects them, it either makes them stronger or leave their job earlier. Both of which are good for him.

In some countries, it is mandatory that every adult goes through army service for specified number of years. It’s not just because the country lacks people to defend itself, but the experience makes you a different person. A person who now understands what’s it is like to defend your country (and honour). In the same spirit it is quite important that everyone wanting to do a startup, do Sales for one year, and if he survives, he knows he is Made for the Job. Doing sales makes you mentally stronger and helps you learn to deal with rejections.

As Tyler Durden says in Fight Club

Tomorrow will be the most beautiful day of Raymond K. Hessel’s life. His breakfast will taste better than any meal you and I have ever tasted.


[Reproduced from author’s blog.]

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