Why is there only 1 Elon Musk in this entire world?


To do something like Musk, you’d have to be at the 99%ile of not 2 or 3, but maybe 5+ skills and attitudes e.g. pain-tolerance, risk taking, long term vision, physics, engineering, luck and sheer energy

4/ The number of low hanging fruits has increased between 1920 & 2020, thanks to ideas which have not yet gone 1 to 100.

E.g. Taking food delivery to a growing economy like Viet Nam after seeing it work in US/China.
So maybe some smart people pluck trade risk for higher reward?

5/ We act like if there is $100 lying on the floor, some people won’t pick it up because if it was really there, somebody else would have.

Musk just goes and picks up that $100.

A strong belief in “knowable secrets” – as opposed to trusting the efficient market hypothesis.

6/ Most defensible things are “bodybuilding hard” – most *smart* people know that a large fraction of getting there is just putting in the work.

Hard is not defensible because once Pythagoreas proved the theorem, we began teaching it to kids within a few years

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