App Review : Zomato

NCR based, Zomato’s App lets you search menus across 12000 restaurants in India. Spanning 7 cities РDelhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai & Hyderabad, Zomato lets you check ratings, reviews and discounts of all restaurants in your city. Zomato on Android is also location aware Рit recommends you the best restaurants around your current location.

The app is currently available on Android Market and Blackberry App store.

App Review: Zomato

By khanapurechait

Zomato’s web service that boasts of a humongous database of eateries has been a favorite of foodies in India for a while now…and now it gets even better with their android app!!!
Zomato provides a clean and easy sign-in process, allowing you to sign in with your existing Google account…and its just a click..thats it!!
The app is very clean and simple, much in keeping with their online service. You can discover a random restaurant by shaking your phone.
It also allows for a highly customizable browse function that lets you filter result by selecting simple options…a feature that is missing in many other food guide apps.
And of course there is the option of searching for a restaurant by name.
What is really impressive about the app (and the web service) is the sheer number of restaurants and eateries they have cataloged …and that too in great detail…You can call a restaurant just by clicking on the call button…unimaginably useful on a phone!! You can also browse through menus, ratings and reviews…whats more…see the restaurant on Google maps too…and if you’re interested, post a picture of the place…
All in all…a must have for foodies.

By prat1234

For foodies like me, Burrp has been the place to go to for some time. A few days ago someone told me about this app called Zomato on Android which was a great app for trying out new food joints. Now I am a sucker for new apps on Android phones and when he mentioned Food + App – I knew I HAD to try this one out.

I have a few apps on my phone which leverage location specific data to identify local places of interest. E.g. I use the Yellow pages app to get info about restaurants, shops etc – and I must admit it’s info is very useful – if not accurate at times. It is definitely better than many Google maps locations – which really suck especially in Chennai (my wife and I tried to drive through a wall although it was a clear nice road on Google maps – I was drunk, she is a sardarni and it was midnight – but lets keep jokes apart).

Coming back to Zomato – the first thing that caught my attention was the simplicity of the UI. They just give three options – Discover, Browser and Search. Discover gives you a random suggestion on the basis of your location. The default location was Delhi though – and I would have expected them to intelligently change it to Chennai. I therefore manually changed the location to Chennai. After that – the app suggested me to “shake” the phone to get a new suggestion. And that was it! No menu items, no 5 buttons to click – shake and see. It also logs you in using Gmail / FB into the app – just one more great utilization of existing identity verification tools rather than creating a login etc.

The second option was Browse – which has two sections – Delivery or Dine out. The buttons were slightly un-intuitive (is Red selected or is it not – considering an action button – Go was grey). It gave me a list of the usual suspects – but also allowed me to filter on the basis of cuisines and facilities. Their data needs to be updated though (E.g. Burrp shows me a few Bengali restaurants in Chennai – while theirs didnt) – but overall it was very easy and intuitive to filter to what I wanted to eat.

Their restaurant entries also list just the right number of variables that are needed – and nothing more. They have menus for some restaurants – the one I selected had an easily viewable one – although the information was wrong (mine mentioned pure veg – whereas I know they serve non veg – had lunch there earlier today).

Before I logged out, I discovered the small refresh lookalike button on Discover – which lets me define my location (actually the app does – after taking an inordinately long time though) and one cannot discover new ones till the location determination is complete.

Overall it seemed a very nice, usable application which served my purpose of finding a restaurant near my home. I think I will continue using this just for the sake of simplicity and actions I could do from my phone (e.g. directly call the restaurant etc.)

Via Appnomy.

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