No mobile phones for children in this Indian village

A village in Yavatmal district in west Vidarbha region of Maharashtra banned the use of mobile phones for those below 18.

“We know that there will be difficulties in implementation. But we will remove these problems through counselling. Penalties will have to be levied on them for violation of the decision. But the villagers have unanimously supported this decision,” says the sarpanch.

China Recovery Set Back by Record Covid Outbreak as Lockdowns Spread

Widespread lockdowns imposed across China threaten to again create uncertainty in global supply chains and dim the prospects for world economic growth.

Beijing’s battle to contain the virus-including sharp restrictions on everyday life and commerce in cities from the major port city of Tianjin in the north to Guangzhou in the south-comes as economies elsewhere lose speed as central banks raise interest rates to beat back inflation.

Meta is India’s largest media company

Meta Platforms is nowhere among the world’s largest media companies.

In India, however, it tops the list, thanks to the large user base of its three brands Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Meta recorded revenue of Rs16,189 crore, followed by Sony group (Rs. 15,056 cr), Disney+Star (Rs. 15,056 crore), Google (Rs13,886 cr), Times Group (Rs8,000 cr).

With 75% plunge, Paytm is among the world’s worst stock plunge for large IPOs in a decade: Bloomberg

One 97 Communications Ltd., the operator of India’s largest digital-payments provider known as Paytm, has capped the worst first-year share plunge among large IPOs over the past decade – and the pain is worsening.

The company, whose founder compared its challenges to those faced by Tesla Inc. shortly after the listing, has seen its stock erase 75% of its market value one year after its $2.4 billion offering, the largest on record at the time in India.

Mercedes will charge $1200 per year for “Acceleration Increase” in EVs

Mercedes is the latest manufacturer to lock auto features behind a subscription fee, with an upcoming “Acceleration Increase” add-on that lets drivers pay to access motor performance their vehicle is already capable of.

The $1,200 yearly subscription improves performance by boosting output from the motors by 20–24 percent, increasing torque, and shaving around 0.8 to 0.9 seconds off 0–60 mph acceleration when in Dynamic drive mode

The monumental changes coming to software this decade. Replit founder, Amjad Masad

I don’t think people understand the monumental changes coming to software this decade. Quick thread:
Last century making software got progressively easier going from machine code to assembly to higher-level and then scripting languages. The last major productivity boost in software was OSS. Each of those steps was 10-100x boost but then it stopped…
AI is the next 100x productivity boost. Copilot/Ghostwriter is just the early innings bringing 30-50% improvement. The next generation coding AI will not be mere text complete and will lead to rapid change in how we make software.
At Replit, we’re building an AI pair programmer that uses the IDE like a human does and has full access to all the tooling, open-source software, and the internet. In the next few years, programmers will operate at a higher level than mere code.
Crucially, it won’t be “prompting” — we believe that’s more a bug than a feature — it will be a combination of the AI predicting what task you want done next and doing it for you, plus a dialog-based agent that follows your commands.
Programmers will command armies of software agents to build increasingly complex software in insane record times. Non-programmers will also be able to use these agents to get software tasks done. Everyone in the world will be at least John Carmack-level software capable.
The other seismic shift will be coordination primitives for developers. Chief among them is payment primitives. Bitcoin Lightning, for example, bakes value right into the software supply chain and makes it easier to transact both human-to-human and machine-to-machine.
Driving the transaction cost and overhead in software down means that it will be a lot easier to bring developers into your codebase for one-off tasks. Lightning helps with coordination, where staking can keep participants honest and pay for the exact work.
One way to visualize this is that software will move from a stack to a network model. In the stack world, we assemble code in a repo and ship it somewhere to run and then monetization is bolted on. In a network model, code is fully monetized and running all the time.
Put these things together, one developer will have the power of an entire network of AIs, people, and services at their fingertips. I believe a 100x productivity boost is the lower bound here.
Appendix: how we’re building towards that future at Replit. Bounties:

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Get ready for a prolonged downturn that’s worse than 2000 or 2008: Sequoia’s Doug Leone

The situation today is more difficult and more challenging than either ’08, which was really a protected financial services crisis, or 2000, which was a protected technology crisis.

Here, we have a global crisis. We have interest rates around the world increasing, consumers globally are starting to run out of money, we have an energy crisis, and then we have all the issues of geopolitical challenges: Doug Leone, Sequoia.

Indians most hurt by mass tech layoffs in US amid 195-year wait for green card

Amid mass tech layoffs in the US, a congressional report estimated that Indians filing in 2020 would have to wait as long as 195 years for a green card while Chinese workers faced an 18-year wait.

Mass tech layoffs have left hundreds of workers living in the US on temporary visas with little time to find another job, or they’ll have to leave the country.

Amazon Alexa to lose $10bn this year; is a “colossal failure”

The Alexa division, along with Amazon Prime video lost $3 billion in just the first quarter of 2022, with “the vast majority” of the losses attributed to Alexa.  The hardware team is on track to lose $10 billion this year.

In the US voice-assistant market, Alexa ranks third (71.6 million users), behind Google Assistant (81.5 million) and Apple’s Siri (77.6 million).

This is going to be tough next year: Flipkart CEO Kalyan

“This is going to be tough next year. My estimate is that a lot of startup founders will hit the market between April to June next year, and that’s the moment of truth for the ecosystem,”

Flipkart chief executive Kalyan Krishnamurthy.

Zomato ordered to pay Rs 8,362 to customer after failing to deliver food!

A law student had filed a case against Zomato after the food delivery service failed to deliver the food worth ?362. The court granted Rs 5,000 as compensation for his mental agony and Rs 3,000 was ordered as cost of proceedings.

After the examination of his documents, the Kollam district court ordered Zomato to pay Krishnan an overall amount of R 8,362.