Don’t Have A Good or Great Idea? Crowdsource One

A good or great idea is not enough to start up a company. It a beginning but you need support, discussion and a team, where you get to know the viability of your idea. You need to develop many steps to execute the idea, but more importantly you need people that are as passionate as you about building something.  These people are out there but so hard to find. goodidea

Good or Great Idea” is a place where you can post ideas for new products or services and also crowdsource an idea/support for improving an existing product or service without paying anything. The product and service could be an idea for developing an application like iPhone app, Android app, or new products line like tablets or phones.  It can be any innovation technology/services for cloud, web-based service, enterprise software, or any industry specific business line like clothing line, home-care product,s furniture, electronics, medical equipment, consumer products, automotive, etc.

On Good or Great Idea, you can share as much detail as you would like, per you choice and convenience. Besides the idea description, you have the option to provide additional information. You can also control who can read your ideas – If you would like maximum exposure and earn maximum points, you can make your idea public OR If you want only selected people to be able to read your ideas, post your ideas to a group that you either created or are a member of. So you have the option to discuss your idea only with people you trust, by being ‘Friends’ with them through a small link on their profile page.

You can earn points by a judge point for every idea that your rate, earn a collaborator point for every constructive comment, and earn innovator points for not only posting an idea, but also get awarded points every time someone rates your idea. Invite your friends to rate your idea. The more people you invite, the more points you can earn. At the end, this point system allows you to stand out from your peers and gain world-wide recognition. Top innovators and judges are listed on the front page. By actively posting and rating ideas, you get an opportunity to get your name out in front of all the visitors to this site, though I would not be surprised if this is goes on to be just another Klout score.

The main motive or attraction of posting an idea at Good or Great Idea is to get a platform where you can evaluate your thoughts, solicit feedback, and get different views that would add value in execution. At the same time, you can track interesting ideas posted by others and contact an innovator directly. This place can help you find an investor/venture capitalist, who may see your idea, like it, and offer to invest in it, also find people who have the skills and interest to help you turn your dream into reality. You get introduced to like-minded people who have a common taste and share a common passion, and are interested to work on your ideas, geographical barriers notwithstanding.

“This site could help further accelerate the pace of innovation in India. As more people start using it, more interesting ideas will see the light of the day, instead of remaining locked in people’s heads.” says Mohammed Guller, founder of Good or Great Idea, headquartered in California.

The site looks like a Good idea. Or maybe Great. What do you think? Would you like to share your entrepreneurial ideas in a bid to get them evaluated? Would you seek out interested people or ideas using Good or Great Idea? Can this site help you transform an idea from being good to a great one? Let us know in the comments.

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