Does the New Rs 2,000 Note Really Lose Colour? Well, It’s Good if it Does

In all probability, you would’ve by now come across one of those videos about the new Rs 2,000 note losing colour when washed or rubbed. These videos have gone viral, and everyone is talking about it.

But do you know, that’s exactly what is meant to happen to the note, when washed or rubbed?


This is what Economic Affairs Secretary Shaktikanta Das has to say about this:

“The new currency notes, just as the old ones, will lose colour if rubbed with a piece of cloth wet because that’s the nature of the dye used. If your note does not lose colour, it’s one of the signs that it may be fake.”

So, what about the other video, which claims otherwise? Well, going by the above statement, it appears to be fake.

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