Kookoo and Gharpay Partner for Offline IVR payments

Kookoo, the cloud telephony company has partnered with Gharpay for offline IVR payment services. Gharpay services are now integrated into KooKoo using the <pay> tag. This could be useful for
service providers including SaaS companies to automate their payment collections. KooKoo provides the telephony interface and Gharpay provides the payment collection logistics.

Using payment gateways in India has been a painful part for most of the ecommerce stores in India and that’s where Gharpay’s doorstep cash payment network fills an important gap.

Use Case

Lets say, you provide some service to your customers, like, DTH service or cable service. You can now have a call to pay feature. Just publish your KooKoo number. When your customers call, you can query the database and playback something like “Thank you for calling <name>. Your current bill is Rs.450. Please press 1 to pay”.
When the customer presses 1, KooKoo integrates with Gharpay to raise a payment order. Gharpay then collects the money on your behalf and deposits in your account. The collection happens within 24 hours. In fact, you can use KooKoo to even make an outbound call alert to your customer to remind him to pay and collect the payment. The whole cycle is now automated (via).

How does it work?

1. Customers sign up with Gharpay and get their credentials.
2. KooKoo exposes a pay tag to you.
3. Customers fill up the pay tag with the XML that Gharpay expects.
4. KooKoo posts the XML on behalf of the customer and creates the order.
5. Customers can manage the order from Gharpay portal.

Interestingly, both kookoo and Gharpay team participated at Pluggd.in Hackathon.

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