The A—Z of marketing channels where companies can promote their brand

Many startups and digital marketing teams are at a loss of option when it comes to using the different marketing channels.
Here is a comprehensive guide (A-Z) on the available marketing channels that companies can use.



Brand Activation is a BTL activity where you promote your products by directly engaging with the customer

Ad Network

Publishers having digital space like blogs, website, apps and mobile will have different ad space in their properties. Advertiser can promote their brands in these ad space.


Bus Branding

They are mobile branding channel. Various branding options are available from exteriors of the bus to interiors like seats, handles and digital displays.


Cab Branding

Similar to Bus, cabs are also mobile and has high visibility. Brands can promote on the exterior of the cabs as well as displays present inside the cab.


Display Network

This is online network where brands can promote through Images and videos.

Digital Display

These include digital displays in high footfall areas. This has a higher visual appeal and engagement compared Bill boards and hoardings. Brands can promote in roads, malls, restaurants, events, sports arenas, etc.



One of the oldest online marketing channel. Used by almost every company for promotions as well as day to day transactions.



The largest social networking channel with more than 1 Billion active users per month. One of the most reliable digital marketing channel. Brands can engage through text ads, videos, images, polls and posts



Google is the largest search engine and has the highest web traffic. One of the most reliable digital marketing channel. Google process over 40000 queries per second. Brand can promote with text in google search as well as video and images in the google display network.



One of the oldest marketing channel. Static display where brands can promote on the roads in which their potential customers travel.

Human Banner

Human promoters are wrapped with attractive promotional material. Brands can promote through messaging on normal flex or sun-board or dress. Promoters can also be dressed as mascots.


In — Store

Any form of branding done inside a store or shop. In large supermarkets brands promote their products to increase visibility and sales. Other brands can also promote if the customer base is same and not competing with the store.


It is one of the largest mobile photo sharing application. Brands can do engaging content based ads in both Image and video formats.



Jackets are merchandise which can be used for promotions. Branded jackets can also be donated to traffic police.

Juice Cups

Companies can brand cups and offer them to corporate and college cafeteria.



Branded kiosks can be both static displays or interactive promotional materials. This can be used for promotions at malls, tech parks, events and conferences.



This is the largest professional networking platform. Brands can use Linkedin for B2B promotions and networking.


Lookwalkers are similar to human banners but with a digital display. These type of promotional activities are done in high footfall areas with promoters.



Advertisers can showcase brands in the magazine relevant to the brand’s industry. The type of ads include print and digital.


This is a high footfall location. People come here for shopping, eating and watching movies. Various branding option are available at different locations of the mall.


Branded merchandise can increase visibility and word-of-mouth.

Mobile Ad network

Promoting the brands in mobile ecosystem. Options range from search, display to Location based services



Brands can promote their product in print as well digital newspaper. Articles can also be published for PR.


Companies can advertise in notebooks targeting the student community. Notebook manufacturers can also subsidize the notebooks by sharing the cost with advertisers.


Out Of Home (OOH)

All the visual media in public place visible to general public.



Pamphlets or leaflets is used for creating awareness. This one of the cheap and effective marketing channel used by most companies.


Visual and creative posters are used by brands in promoting products at various locations like malls, railway stations and corporate. They can also be used on notice boards in Apartments, Hostels and offices



Quora is the largest question-answer platform. They have recently started testing ads with few advertisers. Brands can also answer relevant questions in Quora to create awareness.


Though not a marketing channel, this is a very important marketing tool. It is used for surveys which helps marketer understand the customer better. Brands use it for recruitment, online contests and feedback.



There are more than 200 Radio channels in India alone. Brands can advertise based on location, language and time. This is an affordable and effective channel.

Road medians

Brands promote through visual media in between the roads. They are generally targeted at daily travelers.



One of the largest mobile marketing technique. SMS can be used in normal feature phones without internet connectivity.



By far the largest media in terms of reach as well as ad revenues. Has high visual impact. All large companies targeting regular customers use this media.

Trade Shows

One stop solution for manufactures and buyers. Brands can create awareness and also sell directly at trade shows.



Companies create brand awareness by offering free umbrellas to street vendors and shops.


Vehicle Branding

All types of vehicles like van, lorries, trucks, autos, cars and two-wheeler can be branded and use for promotions.



Having a website and promoting with relevant content is an effective way get awareness and sales. You can also earn through website by being part of the ad network.

Wall Painting

Commonly used channel by brands. Requires a skilled artist to paint the walls. This channel has a high visual appeal.


Xbox Ads

Ads targeted at gaming enthusiasts through Xbox gaming console.



The largest video network and one of the largest in terms of traffic. Supports both display and video ads.


Zynga ads

Brands can promote through in-game ads. It can be used for displays ads and app installs


All the corporate merchandise and product packing can have their zippers branded as well.

Zoo CSR activity

As part of CSR, zoo animals can be adopted. This can create goodwill for the brand.
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