Micromax : Nuts, Bolts And Desperation?

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Micromax : Nuts, Bolts And Desperation?

Watch the video – clearly, the company is taking shots at Apple and several others. And look at the invitation below for its newly launched phone – which I believe is a make or break for the company.


Micromax : A Case Of Desperation?

Clearly, Micromax is shouting from the rooftop – Hey! Listen to me! I am a YUnicorn ! I make my own software. And hardware (seriously?). And whatever.

The reality?
Micromax is sort of sandwiched between the biggies and the smaller/unknown Chinese companies.

The big guys are growing bigger (Samsung has taken a good margin over Micromax) while smaller Chinese brands now occupy the majority of market share (infact this to grow in the coming days).

Micromax is stuck in the middle and this aggression in its campaigns is probably a result of what it is going through.

Nuts, Bolts And Desperation?

Take a look at the comments from people in that video – it shows up the value of YU brand and Micromax’s service quality.

Time for Micromax to fix a lot of things, rather than saying that its name doesn’t have a fruit in it !

Aside, here is a quick recap of few important updates from Micomax in the last few months:

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  1. And that, my friends, is the reason why Micromax is failing.

    Now, if only the CEO were to do something about this.

  2. Mi is making micromax disappearing on market battle, micromax may shout as loud as they want but peoples of india buying mi note 3 in lighting speed. And soon micromax 16% smartphone market will be dropped to 6-8% due to mi and coolpad

  3. Ohhh common, it’s okay! The company is going aggressive and the ad is awesome. It’s young and might just srtick the right set of people to buy there phone. I have seen there phone and built, they are not bad. It’s time we support this for the only reason that they are going headon with the biggest phone makers in the world.

    And the trend is changing, not every youngster is buying an iPhone or excited about iPhone 7 forget about Samsung. People are looking for value for money. We have appreciated the phone like Xiaomi and LeEco in the past, I’m sure if Micromax makes something great and beautiful NBW will wirtting a great story about them.

    It’s not they haven’t proven themselfs before. I’m sure they have big plans and I support the guts.

    P.S. I don’t have any relevant source or data to prove my thoughts. But they just thoughts and feeling.

  4. Ramesh Aidasani

    The TV ad of Micromax shows other brand phones crushed. I feel Micromax phones should be crushed. The quality of phones & their service centres are useless.

  5. Tarun Sethi

    First, not a fan of this advert at all, thought it does put the brand in your mind when every other mobile phone ad is just the same. Still not good. BUT, I see more desperation in this write up where you run down a 2 billion dollar company in a minute. isn’t this the same with every Chinese brand who is struggling to cope in China and making India the next junkyard? We are so shallow for Indian companies who do well that our thinking likes objectivity and rationale.

  6. Ok I agree. But this ad? Why?

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