Nasscom has an identity crisis.

“Nasscom has an identity crisis. They want to be everything to everyone and are becoming nothing to no one,” the CEO of one of the top five Indian IT companies said.

“Now they are looking at startups, at e-commerce and all that. The startups don’t count on Nasscom to lobby for them. There is even a new lobby now for the Indian startups lobbying against foreign startups. What can Nasscom do here? They should focus on IT and software,” a senior IT industry executive.

A good story by ET.

Both Nasscom and IAMAI have lately become event management companies (IAMAI is totally irrelevant to everyone except marketers..while Nasscom does add a lot of value with several initiatives). They have, sort of moved away from the core focus – i.e. to lobby for the industry (IAMAI has failed miserably on this).

In fact, think about it – Nasscom 10K which was so hyped is hardly relevant (it is good as a co-working facility, but that’s pretty much to it).

What are your thoughts?

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