#IndianStartupData : Quikr recorded 95 crores of revenue (534 crores loss).

75% expense went into advertising and growing traffic

Quikr acquires Grabhouse

Quikr which has been on an acquisition spree and expanding verticals recorded a revenue of Rs. 95 crores against a loss of Rs. 534 crores in FY 15-16.

When it comes to revenue, Quikr has made more money from running Google Adsense (24 crores) and interest income (43 crores) than its core operations.

Quikr : Revenue / Loss
Quikr : Revenue / Loss

To give the company its due, the real monetization of service has started only a few months back – especially after the launch of Quikr services and vertical focus.

Having said that, 75% expense went into advertising and growing traffic – which goes on to demonstrate whether Quikr has a default ‘virality’ or is totally dependent on marketing.

Quikr : Waiting for the right time?

We earlier analysed Quikr’s Commonfloor acquisition and one thing that definitely came out is the fact that both the companies had comparable revenue, but the difference lies in Quikr’s ambition and focus on verticals.

With micro payments / wallets coming to the fore, Quikr is aptly timed for scale – especially from revenue point of view (they have enough eyeballs to take on Olx and others).

Note that the company has been around since 2005 and Pranay has seen a whole lot of survival / growth and it’d be interesting to see if the company has enough horsepower left to run faster and quikrrrr.

Of course, they need a constant supply of funding to keep running the show. Traffic, for now is purely dependent on marketing / promotions.

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