Struggling to connect on your remote team? Convertkit founder has some amazing tips for you

Struggling to connect on your remote team? We’ve built a 67 person remote team that loves to work together while driving $29 million in annual revenue. Here are 8 ideas we use for building a great culture in a distributed team: 💻🌐
2. Build a culture of written, asynchronous communication This will save so many meetings, avoid people feeling left out if they weren’t in the meeting, and protect focused work. Your team will also be forced to clearly articulate and refine their ideas.
a) What does this person do that you find remarkable? What do you brag about them to other people? b) If they were up for the promotion of their career in 6 mo, what would you tell them now to give them the best chance of getting it?
c) Assume you’re working with this person for the next 10 years. What behavior isn’t a big deal now, but will get really annoying or frustrating over that time? This results in the best compliments, the most constructive feedback, and a culture of direct, candid conversations.
7. Mandatory fun days With teams feeling burnt out force everyone to take the same day off. That means you don’t have to come back to a mountain of slack messages and emails. Come back & share a photo. We’re doing a 3 day weekend each month through the end of the year.

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