Of Startup DNA and is Young Turk a myth?

What has age got to do with entrepreneurship? Maybe it does. Maybe it doesn’t.

A study by US based Founders Institute discovers that older founders with more work experience tend to fare better than their younger, more inexperienced counterparts.

An interesting finding is that startups’ success isn’t so directly correlated to founder’s IQ. But before we jump into the finding (which is ofcourse debatable), go through this slideshow, which nicely depicts startup DNA and the formula behind successful startups in Silicon Valley.

Coming back to the age factor, do read : Entrepreneurship – Whats Age got to do with it?. There are enough examples of early executors and late bloomers to take side both ways, but what’s important (and the only thing that matters) is for a person to be enterprising enough to seek knowledge/experience beyond the boundary of a frog’s well.

That is, real world experience matters more than what you learn at a E(ngineering) or B(usiness) school.

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